We specialize in packing/unpacking, organizing, downsizing & de-cluttering.


You Don't Have to Hate Moving

As we get older, there's a lot more to do than most people ever consider. The kids grow up and launch from the nest, and as empty-nest seniors, we have to make changes in our lives again. That can mean moving to a smaller place and shedding the accumulation of furniture and other items from the family home.

Life Goes On

Life is all about changing, adapting, learning, and growing. Along with all that growing, your stuff is growing, too. It can be overwhelming when the accumulation of a lifetime is more of an anchor than comfort, and there's no shame in needing help to get your life moving forward again as you look for a new home. You don't have to hate moving, not with the help of a company experienced in move management and with the direct aid of a moving consultant. Moves Made Simple is the first call you should make for Seattle area home organization services.

Clutter Busters

It's hard to let go sometimes. However, the older we are, the less we need, the bigger house that was once the family home. Maybe you've tentatively decided on a senior community, downsizing into something more doable regarding maintenance and expense. Home downsizing services help with sorting out what goes - and where - and what comes to your new home. Home downsizing services from Moves Made Simple has the experience and kindness you need to get started off on the right foot.

We've Got This

From clearing the clutter to disbursing the items you intend for loved ones, to furniture placement and unpacking in the new home, we've got this. Call today and let our best consultants bring experience, kindness, and professionalism to your move. We'll handle everything, and all you have to do is move in. Don't hate moving, love your new ready for you home instead.

Moves Made Simple is packing, organizing, and simplifying life throughout Seattle!