Moves Made Simple - Move Management and Home Organization

We specialize in a wide variety of services; including coordinating your move or simply helping to pack, unpack, downsize, organize, de-clutter and simplify your life!  We always provide the highest degree of care and attention to detail.  Our services offer a cost effective solution and provide a one-stop resource for managing your move or organizing your home.  There is a lot of coordination and logistics that are necessary; and we manage the move to make it simple and easy for our clients. 

From start to finish, you’re in charge.  

We can make all the contacts, set all the dates and oversee the operations for every aspect of your transition.                                                     

You decide which of our services your move requires.  You set the goals and we manage the process to meet them.

We would love to provide a free, no 

obligation consultation on how to serve you best. 


Moves Made Simple is packing, organizing, and simplifying life throughout the greater Seattle area!