When Mom's Moving: Home Downsizing Services


An elderly parent living all alone in a big house is a grown kid's potential anxiety attack. Moving isn't easy for anyone at any age, and your parent might be intimidated at the thought of trying to downsize from a three or four bedroom house into a senior condo or granny suite. Moves Made Simple has the answers to all your questions and anxieties with home downsizing services that help seniors with everything from decluttering and organizing to transferring utilities and furniture placement.

Make It Easy

Moving is a cause of anxiety and stress for everybody. However, professional help with the elements of moving starts long before the truck pulls up. Start with bringing Moves Made Simple into the equation for decluttering and organizing the home. We can even make floor plans for the new Seattle home and help to place furniture and appliances. We also offer assistance in packing and unpacking with the utmost care. You'll be pleased and relieved to have your parent out of the hassles of moving, and they'll feel better in their own place with their own things around them.

Getting Your Own Place

Being a senior is just another stage of life. You're independent of your family and moving into your own place. It's just that moving after years in the same home presents challenges that can't be solved with a U-Haul, a couple of good friends, a few pizzas and a twelve-pack. We can handle every aspect of your move, including the sale of your home with cleaning and staging services. You'll lose the stress and hassle, years of clutter, and have the peace of mind that your new home will be ready and wait for you to turn the key and walk in the door. Call today and let's get moving!