“Passing along a note of thanks you and your whole team. Although I haven't gotten to see the results of your fabulous work myself, when Zane got home from work, he called me as he walked around the house, looking at our entirely packed house, saying things like "I can't wipe the smile off my face," and "we'll never pack ourselves again." Having had your team help us has lifted an incredible weight off of us, and has made our move so doable. THANK YOU!!”  K. Murffitt    

“The ladies who unpacked (my dads) belongings did a beautiful job of arranging things in his room. It warmed my heart when I walked in and the pictures were all up. It's lovely.” L. Oliver  

  “just can't say enough about your business of helping others, the way you plan for a great day, the ladies who take on the hard !! work of a full day within someone's life that is so important to that individual and to your super crew.  Thank you for Cindy, she is a dear and did so much to contribute to the day.  Thank you for Jenny.  Jenny worked so very hard all day long - trying to guide my thinking when i grew tired, getting help for me, suggesting creative and so crucial to my comfort ideas that were so successfullllll.  You are a remarkable person in charge and your 2 ladies who were here today were admirable.  Truly could not have had more help more care, more generosity more stick to your job attitude.  I am so happy here and now getting ready for a good sleep..” M. Smith  

  “Thank you so much for making our move so simple yesterday. It was so great to come home and have the house look nice!” A. Watts  

“I want to thank you soooo much for all your help.  I feel it was such a great decision to hire your company to help with the move!  I'm especially happy I took your advice on the unpacking!  Having the kitchen ready to go has been a godsend, not to mention that my kitchen has never been this organized!  Please pass along my thanks to Cindy and Lisa!” L. Corr  

“Thanks so much with my mother’s estate.  You were so helpful!” K. Beck

  “Can't say enough good things about Katie and the job she does. It's often such an emotional time when you need to call on someone who can help you with these kinds of situations. Katie has been in the same position herself and could not be more empathetic, helpful and, really, delightful.”  
N. Heath  

“By the way, you are awesome.” S. Howell-Henley  

“Seriously could not have done this without you and your team - I mean it!” C. Redine  

“Thank you so much for all your great help - couldn’t have done it without you!  I’ll be calling you when I sell the house and need help getting to Merrill Gardens.  In the meantime, I’m telling my friends about what a great job you do!” B. Hollesi  

  “I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your services. It makes a big difference to have a professional manage the once every 35 year move.The movers were terrific over at Jennifer’s.  They very carefully moved the large pieces in a very tight upstairs stairway and hall; placing the furniture carefully in her office.  They helped make sure the furniture was setup with felt pads installed to protect her new oak floors.  They went the extra mile and I know your relationship with the moving company makes a difference.” J. Gehrt  

“Thank you for your efficient and knowledgeable help.  It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you.” K. Prince  

“Thank you for unpacking my mom’s belongings & getting her situated in her new space.  I am amazed at how much you were able to accomplish & what a huge difference it has made to her comfort & stress level.  I just can’t thank you enough!”  K. Boyd  

  “You and your team were amazing.  Thank you for packing everything.  Also, we loved the movers.  Have moved many times and between your people and Mike’s people, this was by far the easiest.”  
S. Gooding  

“Thank you for all you do for me -- this time, last time, and I'm sure the next time because there will be a next time. Hugs to you and your crew for everything!”  C. Archer  

“Thanks for making a “could be” miserable move much less stressful!  Continued success in your business, I’ll tell anyone in need of a mover about you!”  R. Meier  

“It has been such a pleasure working beside you and the wonderful women you have chosen.  A work ethic is clearly present in the mastering of challenges you are given. I appreciate all you do.” R. Cook  

  “I can't thank you enough Katie. You made one of the worst times in my life so much less stressful. You are a lovely person - competent, thoughtful, professional and kind.” N. Heath 

“Thanks for the great help! I could not have had the smooth move I did without you!”
J. Luchi   

“Moves Made Simple truly simplified our very difficult move from a large 4 bedroom home of 35 years to a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment.. Katie & her team were always on time, worked fast and hard at both ends of the move and arranged for any ancillary help that was required. We simply couldn't have done it without her.” R.Bain

  “We have rejoiced as clogged storage spaces are now useful and available again!”
J. Alberti  

  “Thank you again for wonderful work & your positive encouraging presence!” M. Conrad  

“Thank you again for the wonderful work & your positive encouraging presence!”M. Conrad

  “Thanks for everything Katie. This whole nightmare experience was made pleasant and easy with your wonderful help.”
B. Geri  

“We have moved about 15 times in my many tours with the Navy and each one with fear and trepidation. This recent one was no  different.  However this time because of the efforts of Katie she established right on what she would do to make the move as easy as possible and she produced. Nothing was too difficult for whatever I requested her to do.” W. Davis  

  “Thanks for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you and your team.”
S. Birmingham  

“Katie, oh my goodness Jennie was a HUGE help. We made great progress and I cannot thank you enough.” C. Redine  

“Thank you so much!  I really am overwhelmed by the way you put me in this house.  I am so thankful for all your efforts to get me here - I marvel at your patience and am impressed by your good work.  Thank you.”P. Koon

“Thank you so much, Katie.  We appreciated your cheerfulness, your offering, your attitude - your being there!” M.&B. Andersen  

“You two are amazing!”   L. Armstrong  

“Thanks so much for all your help with our move - and also your terrific ladies!”
C. Shiel  

“Katie & Cindy, You made our move possible.  There is no way we could have done it on our own and survived!”  L&R Watne  

“Thank you Katie.  You and Penny did a great job and were very supportive as well.”
J. Blackwell    

“Katie you did an awesome job on my room.  You’re a rock star!” N. Sarason  

“Thanks so much for all your help, gentle nudging and persuasion in getting me organized and cleaned out!  I would have never made it without you!”  B. Toomey  

  "Katie and her team, Penny & Cindy, made my move to Seattle very do-able and it was the most un-stressful move I've ever completed on my own.  Katie sized up my then-current apartment in Tacoma  and went straight to work paring down possessions and mentioning other steps that needed to happen in order to accomplish downsizing and 're-planting' my residence.  Kudos to Katie for organizing the necessary steps, for space planning the new space with suggestions that made sense & worked, and finishing the days with depositing the trash, boxes, and wrapping paper!   They hung my pictures, set up the bathroom, etc., so that the new place felt like home within 4 days!"   L. Woods      

  “This move, so soon after my husbands’ death, would not have been possible without you and your services.  I will always be happy to serve as your referral.” M.  Mikkelsen  

  “We will be forever grateful to Katie (aka our angel) for managing our "rightsize move" from a large family home to a condo! She was efficiently involved with each aspect of the transition from organization, packing, and even helping to stage our home to coordinating the actual move!   Most importantly, Katie's approach to her work is extremely caring and compassionate. She transforms what could potentially be a very stressful life transition to a fun, liberating experience” F. McHugh  

“After 50 years as an insurance agent, broker and being involved in many groups but now retired, I had files and papers all over my house.  Moves Made Simple 's  services  straightened them out and carefully indexed the files and now I just sit and read.”  T. Allen  


“Katie’s help was invaluable to us.  We could not have made our move without her.  She spent extra time helping us plan where to place our furniture in our new home.  She remained flexible, good humored and attentive to our concerns.  She arranged everything and even sold some items we could not take with use - even hung our pictures!
You can depend on Katie.”  E. Perrin  

  “We appreciate all you did to help us get ready.  You were a HUGE help and worth every penny!”  V. Wood  

  “You are a star, we couldn’t have done it without you!  Thank you for everything!” A. Ivey  

  “You are really a change agent Katie!  I admire your skill and grit to work through years of delayed sorting at our home!  Thanks again.”  

L. Peterson  

  “Thank you Katie.  You and Penny did a great job and were very supportive as well.”
J. Blackwell  

"Katie, Many thanks.  Things went very well!  Cindy was WONDERFUL.  She put everything away far better than I could do and had some great ideas about placing my furniture--just sorry she had to work so long and stay so late.  Lisa was great too.  They both worked so fast and efficiently.  All of you made the move EVER SO MUCH EASIER THAN I COULD EVER IMAGINE!" S. Spohr  

  “Thanks so much for making it all happen, your work has been key to us feeling prepared for our big move.  I will happily refer you to anyone I know who is moving.” T. Raush  

"Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication to this latest project of ours! I'm astounded that you were able to mobilize so quickly, manage the many challenges at hand with such ease, and choreograph all the moving pieces, enabling us to have our condo ready for occupancy. It's such a wonderful feeling to have you in charge, especially when by necessity, I'm so far away from the action!" O. McHugh

  “Katie is an excellent helper who worked all day with me on Friday and accomplished miracles.  I cannot recommend her more highly, for the following reasons:  She is the daughter of a personal friend, and is unquestionably honest.  She is very quick, efficient, careful, patient, understanding, and forthright.”  H. Belvin  

"You are truly a life saver." A. Gordon